Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly — 1910 (Heft 32)

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GOERZ is synonymous with Quality

Quality above all is sought for by readers of “Camera Work”
Lens Quality—above all—photographers will find in every
lens bearing the name:
The Dagor is the best all-around lens in the market: speed
sufficient for most work; wonderful covering power; per-
fect definition; back combination may be used as a long-
focus lens.
The Celor is especially adapted for high-speed work. The par
excellence lens for color work.
GOERZ lenses can be fitted to any and all makes of cameras:
Ansco, Century, Graflex, any Kodak, Premo, Poco, Reflex,
or Seneca. Have your dealer order one for you for a
ten days’ free trial.
C. P. Goerz American Optical Co.
Office and Factory: 79 East 130th St., New York
Dealers’ Distributing Agencies: For Middle West, Burke &
James, Chicago; Pacific Coast, Hirsch & Kaiser, San Francisco;
Canada, R. F. Smith, Montreal.
Send 6 cents for new Catalogue^ or get one free at your dealers.


is synonymous

with Quality
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