Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly — 1912 (Heft 39)

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Premoette Jr. Special
A marvelously compact camera, suited for work of the highest
grade. Fitted with Zeiss Kodak Anastigmat lens—the anastigmat
made expressly for hand camera work, combining speed, depth and
definition in a remarkable degree.
The shutter is the Kodak Ball Bearing, the finder is a direct view, the pictures are
2H x SVa in size, and their quality is as good as can be had with any size camera at
any price. The camera is richly finished with genuine Persian Morocco covering, black
bellows and nickeled fittings. It is the finest, most efficient, handsomest small camera
you ever saw.
Complete description with many other Premos in the Premo Summer Book,
which may be had free at the dealer’s or direct from us.
Rochester Optical Division, Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.

Actual size of the new camera
with anastigmat lens for

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