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Cook, Arthur B.
Zeus: a study in ancient religion (Band 3,1): Zeus god of the dark sky (earthquake, clouds, wind, dew, rain, meteorits): Text and notes — Cambridge, 1940

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I Bronze medallion of Mytilene showing Zeus, Poseidon, and

Hades as Theoi Akraioi....... 6

II Amphora from Vulci, now in the Vatican: Poseidon,

shouldering the island, attacks a Giant . . . . 14

III Kylix from Vulci, now at Paris:

(A) Poseidon, shouldering the island, attacks a Giant

(B) Apollon(?), Dionysos, and Ares(?) attack Giants

(C) Hephaistos, Poseidon, and Hermes (?) attack Giants . . 16

IV Fresco from Herculaneum, now at Naples: Zeus reclining

amid the clouds........36

V A frescoed ceiling from a room in the Golden House: Zeus

enthroned in heaven, surrounded by gods, goddesses,
Tritons, etc..........39

VI Kylix from Vulci, now at Berlin :

[A) Poseidon attacks Polybotes in the presence of Ge
(-5) Ares v. Mimon, Apollon v. Ephialtes, Hera v. Phoitos

Artemis v. Gaion, Zeus v. Porphyrion, Athena v. Enkelados 56

VII Amphora from Melos, now at Paris: the Gigantomachy—

Zeus, descending from his chariot, attacks Porphyrion . . 56

VIII Krater (amphora ?) from Ruvo, now at Petrograd: the Gigan-


Porphyrion blasted by the thunderbolts of Zeus ... 56

IX Reliefs from the eastern frieze of the great Altar at Pergamon,

now in Berlin:

Zeus contends with Porphyrion, Athena with Enkelados . 57

X Hydria from Vulci, now in the British Museum:

Athena v. Enkelados, Zeus v. Porphyrion (?) . . . • 57

XI Lekythos from Ruvo, now in the British Museum:

The Judgment of Paris with the Argive Hera as prize-winner 67

XII Krater in the British Museum : the death of Prokris . . 73

XIII (1) KraUr from Ceglie, now at Taranto

(2) Detail of same vase : the birth of Dionysos

(3) Vase-fragment at Bonn : the birth of Dionysos ... 82

XIV (1) Gold bulla from Vulci, now at Paris: Birth of Dionysos

(2) Gold bulla from Italy, now in the British Museum : Birth of


XV (1) Lekythos of early Apulian style from Anxia, now in the British

Museum : Herakles suckled by Hera
(2) Lekythos of early Apulian style, now at Taranto: Herakles

suckled by Hera . . . . > • ■ 94

XVI Hydria at Queens' College, Cambridge: Apollon visits the

Lesbian oracle of Orpheus......99