Dodgson, Campbell
Lucas Cranach — Paris, 1901

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1548, in-4, following Ilortulus Aniinae 1547, (also 1558). (Later edilion)
Der heilicjen XII Aposteln anhunfft, etc. Wittenberg, 1549, fol. 1551, fol.

Hortulus Animae, Wittenberg, 1547 (8), in-4. Later editions,
1549 (?), 1550 (?), 1558.

Reprints of the woodcuts of the Wittenberg Heilig'thumsbuch, 1509,
with some others.

2. — Catalogues of Engravings and Woodcuts.

Bartsch (Adam), Le Peintre Graveur, vol. VII, Vienna, 1808,
in-8, pp. 273-301.

Not a perfect catalogue,but, like all those written by Bartsch, an excel-
lent foundation for further research. The woodcuts of the younger Gra-
nach are not distinguished from those of the elder.

Heller (Joseph), See Biography.

Schuchardt (Christian), See Biographv.

Nagler (G. K.), Die Monocjrammisten. II Bd. Munchen, 1860
in-8, p. 109, n° 310, p. 124, n° 339. IV Bd. 1864, p. 293, n° 980,
p. 444, n° 1406.

Nagler does not add much to the catalogues of Bartsch and Schuchardt.

Passavaxt (J. D.), Le Peintre-Graveur. Torne IV, Leipsic, 1863,

pp. 1-24.

Griticisms on the catalogue of Bartsch, with additions. Passavant’s
catalogue has benefited bv the publicalion of Schuchardt’s, but does not
add much to the latter.

3. — Reproductions of Engravings and Woodcuts.

Weigel (Rudolph), Holzschnitte Beruhmter Meister. Leipzig’,
1851-1854 in-4, Lief. I, n° 2, Lief. V n° 25, a-c, Lief. V II n° 35.

Good copies in wood-engraving, by Flegel ancl Biirkner, of five wood-
cuts by Granach, the last (B. 3) being a chiaroscuro.

XVittemhercjer Heiligthumsbuch (N° VI der Liehhaher-Bihliothek
alter Illusstatoren in Facsimile-Reproduction) Idirth, Mimchen
und Leipzig, 1884, in-8.

Facsimile edition of the engraving {B. 2) and woodcuts by Cranach
(Sch. 107) published in 1509.
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