Dodgson, Campbell
Lucas Cranach — Paris, 1901

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Critical Bibliography' of Lucas Cranach

I. Biography. — II. Paintings and drawings. 1) Reproductions of pictures.
2) Reproduction of drawings. 3 Criticism of paintings. 4) Articles on
special pictures. 5; Criticism of drawings. 6) The « Pseudo-Griinewald »
question. 7 The Cranach Exhibition. Dresden, 1899. — III. Engravings
and woodcuts. 1 Books in which woodcuts by Cranach originally
appeared, 2 Catalogues of engravings and woodcuts. 3) Reproductions
of engravings and woodcuts. 4 Criticism of engravings and woodcuts.
— IV. Cranach’s sons. 1) Hans Cranach. 2) Lucas Cranach II.

Lucas CRANACH, chief of the Saxon school of painling' ancl third in
importance among German painters after Diirer and Holbein ; engraver
and designer of woodcuts ; born at Kronach in Franconia, 1472, lived
chiefly at Wittenberg, died at Weirnar, Oct. 16, 1553.



IIeller (Joseph), Versucli iiher das Lehen und die Werke Lucas
Cranach's mit einer Vorrede vom Bibliothekar Jack. Bamberg, 1821,

The first attempt at a critical biography of Cranach, with a catalogue
of his works ; superseded by the second edition (see below).

Heller (Joseph), Das Lehen und die Werke Lucas Cranach's.
Zweite vermehrte und ganzlich umgearheitete Auflage. Bamberg-,

Contains much useful information, but is superseded by Schuchardt’s
book. Heller’s Catalogue of Cranach’s woodcuts, like his Diirer catalogue,
enumerates copies more fully than any other.

Schuchardt (Christian), Lucas Cranach cles Aeltern Lehen und
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