The Palace of Knossos: Provisional Report for the Year 1903 (in: The Annual of the British School at Athens, 9.1902/1903, S. 1-153) — London, 1903

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I. Plan and Section of Royal Villa, Knossos.

II. Middle Minoan Polychrome Pottery (First Palace, Knossos) from below
Olive Press Room.

III. Faience Relief: Wild Goat and Young. From Temple Repository} of

Second Palace, Knossos.

IV. Apollo on the Omphalos : (a) Marble Statue in Alexandria : (//) Selected


V. Map of Pisidia.

VI. Plan of Excavations at Palaikastro, 1903.
VII. Plan and Section of Excavation at Petsofa.
VIII. Votive Terracottas from Petsofa: Female Type.
IX. Votive Terracottas from Petsofa : Male Type.

X. Terracotta Figures from Petsofa :—i. Men.
XI. Terracotta Figures from Petsofa :—ii. Women.
XII. Terracotta Figures from Petsofa :—iii. Votive Limbs.

XIII. Terracotta Figures from Petsofa.:—iv. Animals, Vessels, etc.

XIV. Church at Daou-Mendeli: General Views.
XV. Church at Daou-Mendeli: Site Plan.

XVI. Church at Daou-Mendeli : Elevations and Sections.
XVII. Church at Daou-Mendeli : Plans.
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