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Blak, Halina [Editor]; Malkiewicz, Barbara [Editor]; Wojtalowa, Elżbieta [Editor]; Król, Anna [Editor]; Muzeum Narodowe <Krakau> [Editor]; Gołubiew, Zofia [Editor]; Krzysztofowicz-Kozakowska, Stefania [Editor]; Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie [Editor]
Modern Polish painting: the catalogue of collections (Band 1): Polish painting of the 19th century — Cracow, 2001

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passages, battles and images of mounted commanders; physiognomical and
portrait studies; studies of animals, mainly horses). Compositions by unknown
authors, gathered in two separate sections (Monogrammists, Unknown Artists)
at the end of the Catalogue, have been arranged thematically — portraits and
figures of saints, genre scenes, landscapes — according to the chronological
order within each group.
The information concerning individual authors contains their
short biography and a concise characteristics of their creation, useful especially
in the case of less familiar artists.
The catalogue note for each painting covers only the most basic
data, since the majority of the most outstanding works can boast a wider
elaboration in monographic catalogues of particular authors. Consequently,
the note includes: the title and its versions found in the literature, the date of
creation (the dates ascertained by the authors of the Catalogue appear in
brackets), the technique, material and size of the composition in centimetres
(without frames). The subsequent information contains the faithfully rendered
signature, all dedications and inscriptions (if present), including inscriptions —
most often authorial — on the reverse sides of paintings. Apart from the current
inventory numbers of the Department we quote also numbers taken from previous
museum catalogues, which served as reference for authors of older publications.
Notes close with the information about the procedure and time of acquiring
the paintings by the Museum, without providing their full history.
Several notes have been appended with glosses that contain
data on the sitters, historical scenes, literary inspirations or sketches to a given
The catalogue part has received an important supplement in
the form of two indexes: The index o/ the Persons Portrayed, listing also
the painters self-portraits, and The index o/ Donors, whose generosity has
influenced the variety and character of the collections gathered in the Museum.
Our Catalogue mentions also four works in possession of the
Royal Castle on Wawe), traditionally displayed at the Gallery of the 19^ Century
Polish Painting in the Cloth Hall (once inscribed in the inventories of the National
Museum in Cracow).
The authors of the present volume are: Halina Blak (marked in
the Catalogue as HB), Barbara Maikiewicz (BM) and Elzbieta Wojtalowa (EW).

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