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Blak, Halina [Editor]; Malkiewicz, Barbara [Editor]; Wojtalowa, Elżbieta [Editor]; Król, Anna [Editor]; Muzeum Narodowe <Krakau> [Editor]; Gołubiew, Zofia [Editor]; Krzysztofowicz-Kozakowska, Stefania [Editor]; Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie [Editor]
Modern Polish painting: the catalogue of collections (Band 1): Polish painting of the 19th century — Cracow, 2001

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Catalogues of the collections of the National Museum
in Cracow

The following titles have appeared so far:
— in the following volumes (in Polish):
Volume !: /cons, 1973
Volume H: Ancient Coins. Part 1.- Coins o/ the Roman Republic, 1982
Volume 111: Oriental Carpets. Part 1: Turkish Carpets, 1985
Volume !V: "Kontusz" Sashes. Part 1: Oriental Sashes, 1990
Part 2: French Sashes, 1994
— as other catalogues (in Polish):
Catalogue o/Parchment Documents In the Czartoryski Library In Cracoaj.-
Part 1: Documents/rom the Years ZZ4S-Z506, 1975
Part 2: Documents /rom the Years Z506-ZS2S, 1991
Catalogue o/Manuscripts In the Czartoryski Library In Cracoaj. Signatures Z 623-2000,
Catalogue o/Parchment Documents o/ the National Museum In Cracoaj, 1992
Catalogue o/Polish Calendars /rom the Z6^ to the ZS"' Century In the Collections
o/ the Czartoryski Library, 1994
New series:
Modern Polish Painting. Part 2: Polish Painting/rom about Z390 to Z945. 1997
(in Poiish ), 1998 (in Engiish)
Ancient Coins. Part 2: Imperial Alexandrian Coins, 1998
Catalogue o/Manuscripts in the Czartoryski Library in Cracoaj. Signatures 200Z-2300,
Catalogue o/ Manuscripts o/ the Princes Czartoryski Library in Cracoaj. Signatures
52Z4-53Z9, 2001
Fans o/ the Occident and Orient, 200Z (in Polish and English)
Ceramics /rom the Z" /dal/ o/ the 20'^ Century, 2001
Being prepared:
Modern Poiish Painting. Part 3: Poiish Painting since about Z945
Catalogue o/ Manuscripts in the Princes Czartoryski Library in Cracoaj. Signatures
230 Z-3600.