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India's services in the war (Volume 3): The United Provinces — Lucknow, 1922

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Mr. C. J. Brown acted as Assistant Secretary for about four
months. The Committee held three meetings in July, August, and
December, 1918, to report progress and to advise on and discuss the
campaign which was carried on through the agency of the
Headquarters Bureau. The Committee is still in existence, though
its functions have now practically come to a close. A final meeting
was held on the 19th February, 1919.
The main lines of the campaign organized in the United
Provinces, apart from the issue of leaflets, communiques and general
instructions by the Headquarters Bureau, consisted of the establishment
of a Provincial War Journal, the constitution of War Committees or
War Leagues in every district of the provinces for war-work in
general, including, as an important branch of their work, propagandist
activities and the issue of District Supplements to the War Journal,
and thirdly, the organization of an educational publicity campaign
through an officer of the Educational Department placed on special
duty for this purpose.
The work of the Head Office, as indicated above, consisted mainly
in controlling and co-ordinating the work of the District Committees,
and the other main branches of the scheme. The provincial press,
which was strongly represented on the Committee, was addressed
with a view to assistance in propaganda work, and large numbers of
pamphlets, communiques, and maps received from the Central
Publicity Board, or compiled by the Provincial Bureau, or published
by private individuals, were issued broadcast to the press and
districts. In all over 600,000 copies of such publications were sent
out, besides 38,900 copies of pictorial posters. Regular fortnightly
progress reports were submitted by the Provincial Bureau to the
Central Publicity Board and two quarterly summaries of the work
were prepared and issued to the Press for publication. (The
publicity work done before the constitution of the Bureau comprised,
it may be mentioned, the issue of about 5| lakhs of leaflets and
hand-bills and 10,000 pictorial posters besides the numbers already
stated). 250,000 Victory leaflets were also issued by the War