International studio — 39.1909/​1910(1910)

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Country Cottages and their Gardens

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back of it has lost much
of its ugliness. One in
search of the picturesque
might pass through the
whole length of the
village without remark
and yet receive a general
impression that the place
possessed both interest
and charm, so good an
effect has the careful gar-
dening had upon unin-
teresting building. All
this has been brought
about by the expendi-
ture of very little else •
than good taste and com-
mon sense controlled by
the art of making the " ■

most of things. pa1r 0f cottages designed and drawn by c. e. mallows, f.r.i.b.a.

The Cottage with its

Garden plays such an important part in the could be just as easily repeated in hundreds of
making or the marring of our country villages other instances, and the artistic gain to the country-
that it is a matter for no little surprise that side would be great.

examples such as the one just mentioned are so The elementary principles that should obtain in
comparatively rare. What has been so easily and garden design are much better understood to-day
so well accomplished in this remote little village than even a few years since ; in almost every
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