Meer Hassan Ali, B.
Observations on the Mussulmauns of India: descriptive of their manners, customs, habits, and religious opinions ; made during a twelve years residence in their immediate Society (Band 1) — London, 1832

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Continuation of Mahurrum.— Consecration of Banners.—
Durgah at Lucknow.—Its origin explained.—Regarded
with peculiar veneration.—The Nuwaub vows to build a
new one.—Its description.—Procession to the Durgah.—
Najoomies.—Influence possessed and practised by them.
—Eunuchs.—Anecdotes of some having attained great
honours and wealth.—Presents bestowed upon them ge-
nerally revert to the donor.—Rich attire of male and
female slaves.

After the Tazia is brought home (as the
temporary ones are from the bazaar on the eve
of Mahurrum, attended by a ceremonious dis-
play of persons, music, flags, flambeaux, &c),
there is little to remark of out-door parade
beyond the continual activity of the multi-
tude making the sacred visits to their several
Emaum-baarahs, until the fifth day, when the
banners are conveyed from each of them in
solemn procession, to be consecrated at the
loading ...