Meer Hassan Ali, B.
Observations on the Mussulmauns of India: descriptive of their manners, customs, habits, and religious opinions ; made during a twelve years residence in their immediate Society (Band 1) — London, 1832

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The Hadje (Pilgrimage to Mecca).—Commanded to be
performed by Mahumud.—Eagerness of both sexes to
visit the Prophet's tomb.—Qualifications requisite for the
undertaking.—Different routes from India to Mecca.'—■
Duties of the pilgrims at the Holy House.—Mecca and
its environs.—Place of Abraham.—The Bedouins.—■
Anecdote of a devotee and two pilgrims.—A Bedouin
Arab, and the travellers to Mecca.—The Kaabah (Holy
House).—Superstitious regard to a chain suspended
there.—Account of the gold water-spout.—Tax levied
on pilgrims visiting the tomb of Mahumud by the Sheruff
of Mecca.—Sacred visit to the tombs of Ali, Hasan, and

, Hosein.—The importance attached to this duty.—-Travel-
lers annoyed by the Arabs.—An instance recorded.—The
Nudghiff Usheruff.—Anecdotes of Syaad Harshim.

" The Pilgrimage to Mecca " is commanded
by Mahumud to his followers at least once
during their lifetime, provided the obstacles are
not insurmountable. Indulgences are made
for the sick, or individual poverty. All who
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