Meer Hassan Ali, B.
Observations on the Mussulmauns of India: descriptive of their manners, customs, habits, and religious opinions ; made during a twelve years residence in their immediate Society (Band 1) — London, 1832

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The Mussulmaun religion.—Sectarians.—Their difference
of faith.—History of the Soonies.—The Caliphas Omir,
Osman, Aboubuker, &c—Mahumud's parting charge to
Ali.—Omir's jealousy of Ali.—The Khoraun.—How com-
piled.—The Calipha Omir held in detestation.—Creed
of the Sheahs.—Funeral service.—Opinions of the Mus-

• sulmauns respecting the Millennium.—The foundation of
their faith exhibited.—Sentiments of the most devout
followers of Mahumud.—Bridge of Sirraat, the Scales,
&c. explained.—Emaum Mhidhie.—Prophecy of his re-
appearance.—Its early fulfilment anticipated.^Discourse
with the Meer Hadjee Shaah on this subject.

I do not presume to offer opinions on the
nature, substance, or character, of the Mussul-
maun Faith; but confine myself to the mere
relation of such facts as I have received from
the best possible authority, viz. the religious
men who are of that faith, and live in strict
accordance with the tenets they profess.

There are two sects of the Mussulmaun per-
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