Naville, Edouard ; Griffith, Francis Ll. [Hrsg.]
The Mound of the Jew and the City of Onias: Belbeis, Samanood, Abusir, Tukh el Karmus, 1887 — London, 1890

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The present memoir describes only those excavations which were made
during the first half of the winter of 1887. This circumstance accounts for its
shortness. Immediately after leaving Tukh el Karmus, we settled at Tell Basta,
a site which required the two following winters for its thorough excavation,
the considerable results of which will be published in a separate volume.

During the winter of 1S87 I had the valuable help of Mr. Griffith, who in
the present work deals chiefly with the archaeological side of the excavations.
The reader will notice that our opinions disagree as to the age to which some
of the objects discovered in the necropolis of Tell el Yahoodieh should be
attributed. Each of us is alone responsible for the views he states on this point,
which we submit to the judgment of the reader.

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