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Naville, Edouard
The temple of Deir el Bahari (Band 3): End of northern half and southern half of the middle platform — London, 1898

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The first twelve Plates in this volume contain the end of the sculptures
and inscriptions relating to the childhood of Hatshepsu, and also to
her coronation. It is natural that every record of that important event
of her life, which probably was seen with much displeasure by her
subjects, should have suffered more than anything else from the
hatred of her successors. All the figures and inscriptions have been
completely destroyed, and were never restored, except here and there the
name of Anion or another god, sometimes quite out of place. These
texts are therefore very difficult to copy. Considering their great importance,
we did not spare any effort to make them as correct and complete as
the state of the wall allowed us. We revised them over and over again
in different lights, so that now I believe that the errors have been reduced
to the smallest possible number. In that toilsome work I received
considerable help from Mr. Howard Carter and Mr. Percy Brown, the
two artists to whose skilful hands we owe the Plates of this volume.

We worked on the same principle at the Plates of the second part
of this volume, which describe the naval expedition to the Land of Punt.
Here most of the texts had been already published; but I think that this
publication compares favourably as to correctness and beauty with the
former ones of Duemichen and Mariette. The reader will notice the
fragments recovered during our excavations, which give us very in-
teresting information about the Land of Punt, its inhabitants and its

I have to thank Mr. Somers Clarke for the architectural description
of the Southern part of the Middle Platform, and Mr. C. R. Peers for the
plan which represents that part of the building.



July, 1898.