Naville, Edouard
The temple of Deir el Bahari (Band 6): The lower terrace, additions and plans — London, 1908

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This is the final part of the description of the great temple of
Deir el Bahari—the first was issued in 1895. Various circumstances
have delayed the completion of tins large work, which has lasted a
good deal longer than the excavation.
The YIth volume contains the inscriptions and sculptures of the
Lower Terrace, a plate from the Upper Court which had been forgotten,
two fragmentary inscriptions, pieces of which have been picked up in
various parts of the temple, and the foundation deposits. All these
plates are the work of the skilled hand of Mr. Howard Carter, except
the two inscriptions and the two plates of the transport of the
obelisks, which have been drawn by Madame Naville.
Although many small and scattered fragments had to be left
aside, I believe that nothing of interest has been omitted, and we have
now for the first time the complete reproduction in facsimile of the
sculptures of a whole temple.
A special chapter gives the history of the construction, em-
bodying the results which have been derived from the excavations, in
reference to the reign of Hatshepsu.
The crowning of this work could only be a complete archi-
tectural description and a restoration of the temple. We have to
thank Mr. Somcrs Clarke for carrying out this important task. The
reader will admire the mastership of the plans, and will recognize in
them as well as in the description, the unrivalled knowledge which the
author has attained of the principles as well as the details of Egyptian
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