Ramsay, William Mitchell
The cities and bishoprics of Phrygia: being an essay of the local history of Phrygia from the earliest time to the Turkish conquest (Band 1,2): West and West-Central Phrygia — Oxford, 1897

Page: 756
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1, Metropolitans Campus.

693. (R. 1891). On the surface of a rock projecting a little above the
level of the hillside, about 80 yds. left (west) of the Roman and modern
road leading from the plain of Metropolis to Synnada, on the brow of
the hill, about an hour N. of Ginik: letters very slightly cut on the
rough rock surface. Termini positi ab Irenaeo Aug. [TJib. proe. i[n]ter
Sib[id]ind[-] et? E • • • orcenos ?.






This important inscr. is very difficult; and I had an unlucky day, dark
and rainy. The next day was sunny and I rode back to take advantage
of the bright light (which often reveals hidden symbols, when light and
shade are made to alternate on the surface); but, as we were looking
for the stone, the rain began, and the day proved worse than the pre-
ceding. A future traveller may have better luck. The stone is very
hard to find, and few of the peasants know of it. A man from Yiprak
was our guide. If no guide can be found, the traveller will find, well
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