Studio: international art — 12.1898

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of chiaroscuro the array of spectators seated in the refined and delicately-balanced colouring and
their stalls, and the vast space of the opera the extreme freedom of the drawing,
house. In the foreground two of the danscuscs -

arc standing motionless in the wings. The effect Georges Petit has lately been exhibiting ;i set

has been obtained in the happiest fashion, and of works by M. Andre' Sinet—landscapes, or

with the exquisite simplicity one expects to find rather landscape "notes" of great—perhaps too

in a draughtsman, a eolourist, and moreover a great—delicacy. As an artist, M. Sinet must be

lithographer of such high ability as M. Lunois. described as finikin and lymphatic in tempera-

_ ment. He follows the literary precept of Verlaine

—" No colour, nothing but a tint." These tints ol

M. Richard Ranft, who has a very keen sense his are exquisite, no doubt, elegant, aristocratic,

of what is known as " the modern," has just refined, all one can imagine in the way of delicacy

issued an engraving in colours styled An Cirque. and subtlety ; but this, to my thinking, is not enough,

It depicts an icuyere, a clown, and a horse, the attractive and fascinating as it may be. Taste,

former, in her bunchy light blue costume, pre- abundance of taste, is the prevailing characteristic

paring to mount, and the clown playing his of M. Sinet's talent; yet for my own part I would

antics ; while beyond one sees the yellowish ex- rather have a little less taste, and a little more—what

panse of arena shimmering with light. The shall I say?—a little more life, intensity, vibration,

chief merits of this fine plate, which I am very All this notwithstanding, M. Sinet is an artist—a real

glad to have an opportunity of mentioning, are artist.

M. Heidbrinck has done
a series of most charming
and truthful sketches for
" Cesarin," a short story by
M. Albert Cimm. He is
wonderfully successful in
depicting the streets and
faufiourgs,with their beggars
and other poor and pic-
turesque wretches. I shall
no doubt have occasion to
refer again to this artist ;
but in the meantime I am
anxious to mention his
name in connection with
the appearance of this little
volume, just issued by
Charles Tallandier, who has
also recently published a
collection of " Cent dessins
de Maitres Modernes,"
which, whatever its success
may be among artists them-
selves, will undoubtedly
please the public at large.

G. M.


Architecture in Italy. By
Raffaele Cattaneo.


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