Studio: international art — 12.1898

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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

Japanese colour prints. There are many speeial zeit (J. C. Dugdaje, 6i Plymouth drove, Man-
features which render the book remarkable, for Chester).

instance, an attempt at a new system of pronuncia- Honourable Mention is given to the following :_

tion, a bibliography, a list of signatures (arranged Ars Probat Artificem (Thomas Shepard) ; Anno
so as to enable us to read artists' names on Japanese Domini (Ada C. G. Uimma); Chan (J. I). Fergus-
prints at sight), the technical notes, the account of son) ; Cyrus (A. Constance Smedley) ; Little John
the influx of Japanese art into Europe. The illus- (John \Y. Lisle); Paw (R. F. Wells); Pallas
trations were all especially prepared for this volume, (Adolph Hofer) ; The Rook (Marion Wallace-1 )un-
but unfortunately none of them are in colours. lop) ; Udio (Frank S. Easterman) • IV. H. IV.

Vierteljafyrs-Hefte des Vereins bildender Kunstler (William H. White); Walnut (B. H. Smale); Win-

Dresdens. (Part IV.) (Dresden: E. Arnold.)- New (Dudley Heath); and Red Rose (James

We have before spoken some words of praise upon Durden).

this excellent publication. The part under review Design for \ Certificate

contains, among other plates, a beautiful lithograph ^ x )

in two colours, by Max Giese, of a wintry land- The awards in this competition will be announced

scape, and a fine etching of a girl's head by the nexj. monf-n
talented artist, Max Pietschmann. Those who

wish for interesting but inexpensive pictures with Design for an Embroidered Book-cover.

which to adorn the walls of their rooms cannot do (B VII.)

better than subscribe to this work. The First Prize design in this competition

Gedichten van Jacques Perk. (Amsterdam: is reproduced here in colours (page 283).

S. L. van Looy.)—This book of poems is chiefly Design for End Papers.

remarkable for the quaint ornamentation of its /g yjjj )

pages. The delicate colours used in the bordering The pIRST Prize (0ne guinea) is awarded to

and title pages, however original and interesting Wresden (Cordelia Phillimore, Sid Abbey, Sid-

they may be in themselves, do not harmonise with mouth)

the black letterpress they encompass ; and this we The gEC0ND Prize (HaIf-a-guinea) to Penwiper

deem to be a serious defect in bookmaking. (p. White, 19 Amott Road, East Dulwich, S.E.).

_ Honourable mention is given to the following :—■

Clytie (Alice E. Burt, 3 Kempshott Road, Streat-

The important etching by Eeopold Flameng ham Common, S.W.); Enid (Ethel C. Gillespy,

after the painting Richard Duke of Gloucester 59 Elgno Road, Croydon); Hiawatha (Mary

and Lady Amie, by E. A. Abbey, A.R.A., recently Wilcock, 74 Redesdale Street, Chelsea, S.W.); Seda

issued by the Art Union of Eondon, is one of the (A. de Sauty, 63 Ramsden Road, Balham, S.W.);

most remarkable and beautiful prints published by the above are illustrated. Elgitha (Katherine M.

that excellent institution, and it cannot fail to be Coggin); Camu (Chas. Gale); and Flutterby

well received by its subscribers. (Helen Kiick).

Messrs. Doig, Wilson, and Wheatley, of Edin- Photographs from Nature.

burgh, have just issued a very fine etched portrait An Autumn Landscape.

of Professor Masson from the painting by Sir Geo. ^ jj ^

Reid, P.R.S.A. The etching has been executed The pIRgT pRIZE {fine'guinea) is awarded to

by Mr. E. Huth and is in every respect an admir- (w ^ [Q Mapperley Roadj Not.

able production. . , ,

1 tingham).

The Second Prize (Haifa-guinea) to Superficies

AWARDS IN "THE STUDIO" (Matthew Surface, The County Press, Bradford).

PRIZE COMPETITIONS. Honourable Mention is given to the following:—
Ferret (E. A. West, Newham, Truro) ; Feuilies

Design for a Showcard. (Walter Rossiter, 9 Elm Place, Bath); the above

(A IX ) are illustrated; Autumn Morning (Miss C. H.

The first Prize (Five guineas) is awarded to Gunner) ; Abacus (J. C. Yarty-Smith); American

Echo (W. lC. Webster, 4 Ifield Road, Fulham Sub. (W. Moseley) ; Avon (Henry Johnson) :

Road, S.W'.). Bosham (E. E. Manwaring); Chestnuts (R. Clifton

The Second Prize {Three guineas) to Die Mu- Davy); Caerwent (K. J. Ballard); Epoh (Mrs. J.

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