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Recent Designs in Domestic Architecture


a limited site in the matter
of treatment of forecourt
and garden—the frontage
here being only 90 ft. It
will be seen from the plan
and view given on this
page, that the garden is
brought right up to occupy
a portion of the frontage,
and the house has been
connected to front wall by
boundary wall of forecourt,
the fall in the ground giving
an opportunity of getting
privacy on this side of the
house by sinking the side
garden, which is reached
by steps from the carriage
drive at one end and the
terrace at the other. The

known to Rembrandt, but has of
late years been carried to its utmost
limits. After the first wiping the
plate is placed on the heater, and
a fine piece of muslin is passed
gently over the surface, or chosen
parts of the surface of the plate,
with a motion that drags the ink a
little out of the lines and leaves it
on the edges, giving a richness to the
proof which can be obtained in no
other way. This process is used
by skilful printers with very great
effect, and many etchers do their
work in reliance on its being used.

Few etchers, if any, can print as
well as the best professional crafts-
men, and the chief of these is supe-
rior to all his predecessors.

Frank Newbolt.



We give this month views and V^^^x y ^

plans of two houses recently erected \v || (cwd&ac couhJ

at Ealing and Warwick respectively, . \\ \\ /.

from the designs of Mr. P. Morley \\ \\ //

Horder. \ ^5-^

The house at Ealing is interesting \ —c -

as showing what can be done with plan of house at ealing p. morley horder, architect

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