Studio: international art — 41.1907

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Recent Designs in Domestic Architecture

achievements of the brush — the
unerring nicety of light itself to the
imaginative creations of the poet's
fancy—and the result is a definitive
fixing of the spirit of things here-
tofore unknown. Science has laid
at the feet of Art a helpful offering.

M. I. G. O.



In the series of illustrations given
on this and the four following pages,
we reproduce examples of the work
of Professor Josef Olbrich, for per-
mission to do which we owe thanks
to Messrs. A. Wasmuth & Co., of

The " Princesshauschen," or
cottage, was ^erected in honour of
the young Princess Elisabeth of
Hesse-Darmstadt, a niece of the
Emperor of Russia, but since her
1 princess cottage" (princesshauschen), wolfsgartkn lamented death at St. Petersburg it

josef olbrich, architect

thought, intellectual without cold-
ness, emotional without unrest.

Miss Emma Spencer of the Newark
fraternity, while not at all conserva-
tive in her restraint, is so thoroughly
unassuming in her methods, that a
quiet little message from her printing
frame, such as the small person
engaged in filling her plates spread
out on the floor for the imaginary
feast (p. 199), is touchingly appeal-

Although far from complete, these
few random sketches, dealing with
the attainments of individuals who
belong to the new school of photo-
graphy in America, are at least
representative. Standing as the
symbol of a scientific age, this won-
drous child of the nineteenth cen-
tury, Photography, is, in the hands
of a master, as plastic as clay, as
mobile as the brush, and is justly
ranked on an equal footing with her
sister arts. Add the achievements

princess cottage " (princesshauschen), wolfsgarten

of the camera to the already known josef olbrich, architect
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