Studio: international art — 52.1911

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Arthur IVardle

theatrical representations. Like Prof. Hoffmann, opening day by Herr von Wittgenstein, one

he is well-known to readers of this magazine. of Austria's chief patrons of modern art.

But of Prof. Othmar Czeschka little has Of other artists who at times work for the

been said in these pages. At one time he was Wiener Werkstatte and who are in complete

engaged at the Imperial Arts and Crafts Schools, sympathy with its strivings and ideals mention

but in 1907 he was called to Hamburg to be- has already been made, but further reference

come a professor at the Kunstgewerbe-Schule to them must be deferred to another occasion,

there, and, unfortunately for Vienna, was allowed Here we are concerned with those who founded

to respond to the call. He is pre-eminently a and organised it—who made it a possibility—

decorative artist, one of the ' most modest men and in this connection a word should be said

under the sun," as was said of him by Ludwig of Herr Fritz Warndorfer, who enabled the

Hevesi, the late eminent critic, who added, artist promoters to realise their ambition by

Whatever Czeschka takes in hand assumes investing the necessary capital to start the

a new form, a new soul. He works and concern. From the very first Warndorfer has

teaches how to work." been heart and soul in the movement, and to

As a graphic artist Czeschka had already his untiring energy is due much of the success

gained recognition when he joined forces with which has fallen to the Werkstatte.

the Werkstatte, but here he showed himself A. S. L.
in a new light to the outer world. At the

Kunstschau Exhibition two years ago ample T% /TR- ARTHUR WARDLE'S

opportunity was offered to see how great an \/| PAINTINGS AND DRAWINGS

artist Czeschka is. One object shown there I V I OF ANIMAL LIFE,
will alone assure his name going down to

posterity—a magnificent silver cabinet, which AMONG the painters in this country who

was bought for over 50,000 kronen on the occupy themselves with the study of animal life



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