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Mrs. Sydney Bristowe

"delieu's pig farm"

of the blankets. Then follow the drying and
straining of proofs, and later the cutting of mounts.
Occasionally, also, he is taught to mend a spoilt
proof, and to wash and clean old prints.

It is well known that Mr. Short pins his faith
to the value of steel-facing copper-plates, which,
while it makes no difference whatever in the im-
pressions, enables a larger number to be taken
than would be possible from the unfaced copper.
So the students are taught to put upon their plates,
by means of the electric battery, a steel-facing of
such infinitesimal weight and thickness that a
momentary dipping into a weak solution of acid
wjll remove all sign of it without in the least
affecting the copper.

It will be seen how thorough, how complete in
every detail of the engraver's craft, is the training
given here. The accompanying illustrations enable
us to see something of the artistic results in the
work actually done in the school by some of the
present and recent pupils. Owing to exigencies of
space it is not possible on this occasion to give so

by martin hardie, a.r.e.;

many illustrations as had been intended, and con-
sequently it is necessary to defer to another time
examples of the work done by other talented etchers
who have received their training at the school, and
especially those with whose achievements readers
of The Studio are probably not already familiar.

Some of the artists who are still working with
Mr. Short are already distinguished in other forms
of art, but he has always insisted on being
allowed to have a certain number of practical
artists in his school, believing this to be an im-
portant factor in influencing the work and the
habits of the younger student. M. C. S.


Sometimes it seems easy to write a little essay
upon an artist, that is when the heart is in the
adventure, and all one has to do is to say what
happened. Why should not I begin by telling how
loading ...