Studio: international art — 60.1914

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the Rocks, Mr. P. W. Steer’s The Lace Shawl., Mr.
Philip Connard’s By the River Tang, and others
not less notable by Mr. D. Y. Cameron, Mr.
Hughes-Stanton, and Mr. Arthur Streeton; and
there are two small paintings by Mr. Charles Sims,
The Valley of Little Beginfiings and Lanthe, which
charm by their daintiness of sentiment and beauty
of technical expression. Other things which deserve
to be particularly noted are Mr. Bellingham Smith’s
Ruins, Teesdale, Mr. James Pryde’s The Black
Column, Mr. Arnesby Brown’s The Pasture, Mr.
Raymond McIntyre’s Phyllis, the exquisite fans by
Mr. George Sheringham, the water-colours by
Mr. A. W. Rich, Mr. Romilly Fedden, Mr. A. H.
Fullwood, Mr. John Copley, Mr. Davis Richter,
Mr. Delisle Burns, and Mr. H. M. Livens, Prof.
Moira’s vigorous pastel Goathorn China Clay Pit,
and the wonderful tinted drawing, Sighting the
Boat, by Mr. Orpen, remarkable for its combina-
tion of delicacy and decision. There is, too, a series
of small panels by Mr. Augustus John which are
without doubt remarkably clever as designs though
in some cases they are
rather carelessly handled.

sketch just mentioned, Mr. Edwin Alexander
shows three or four exquisite studies of hedge
flowers. Mr. Charles Sims has also a second
panel, The Basket of Flowers, which disappoints,
however, by an unwonted touch of the common-
place in this delightful painter’s work. Mr. George
Clausen exhibits studies of skies which are most
successful. Mr. A. S. Hartrick is also among
those who exhibit greatly to the advantage of the
Society ; especially is The Crofter’s Daughter to
be remembered. Other works of importance are
Mr. Herbert Alexander’s The Lily Pool at Tongs-
wood, which would have delighted the heart of
John Ruskin in its refinement of finish, and Mr.
Francis James’s perfect little study, Purple and

The Autumn Exhibition of the Royal Society of
British Artists included a good deal of work which
deserves to be praised for its soundness and
originality. The late Sir Alfred East was well
represented by an exceedingly characteristic land-

The Winter Exhibition
of the Royal Society of
Painters in Water-colours
holds its own with some of
the best of preceding years,
though on this occasion it
depends for its success
more than ever upon mem-
bers who have been elected
in quite recent years, and
upon works more ap-
proaching sketches in
character than formerly.
Mr. Lamorna Birch in his
Study of a Village near
Etaples, The Approach to
Etaples, a.nd Showery After-
noon—Montreuil, Mr.
Edwin Alexander in The
Guillimot Stacks, Mrs.
Laura Knights in her
picture The Bathing Pools,
Mr. Charles Sims in Wild
Weather, and Mr. Hughes-
Stanton in Evening—
Titchfield, Hants, contri-
bute the most interesting
feature? of the exhibition.
Besides his landscape


(Goupil Gallery Saion, igij)

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