Studio: international art — 60.1914

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“early morning, cape town” (New English Art Club, see p. 704) by Alice fanner


From Our Own Correspondents.

ION DON.—At a general assembly of the Royal
Academy of Arts, held on November 19,
Mr. Alfred Edward Briscoe Drury, A.R. A.,
—was elected a Royal Academician, and
Mr. H. Hughes-Stanton was made an Associate.
A few days previously the Academy lost one of its
architect members by the death of Mr. John
Belcher. The retirement of Sir Ernest Waterlow,
R.A., from the office of President of the Royal
Society of Painters in Water Colour was notified
early last month, when Mr. Alfred Parsons, R.A.,
who has been associated with the Society since
1899, was elected to fill his place. In the same
week Mr. Frank Brangwyn, A.R.A. was elected to
fill the post of President of the Royal Society of
British Artists made vacant by the death of Sir
Alfred East.

The second National Loan Exhibition now
being held at the Grosvenor Gallery, and entitled
“ Woman and Child in Art,” will devote its profits
to the purchase of works by contemporary British
artists for the nation. As Mr. Robert Ross writes

in the preface to the catalogue, this will go far to
bridge that quite imaginary gulf that is supposed to
separate the tradition of the dead from the tradition
of the living. The exhibition is not without
romantic features, notably in this respect being the
large painting by Isaac Oliver (usually known by
his art in miniature) brought from a castle in
Glamorgan, where it has remained practically un-
known. It is an English work which many feel
should some day be in our National Gallery. The
Portrait of a Lady by Hogarth is another work of
interest brought to light, and the portrait of Mary
Bruce, Duchess of Richmond, the most natural of
all Gainsborough’s full-length pictures, rivals present-
day impressionism in its effect of brilliant lighting.
The Elizabeth Valois by Antonio Moro; The
Children of Lord Melbourne by Reynolds; Mary
Gainsborough by Gainsborough • the Andrea del
Sarto; the Luini; the Raphael—one of the two
famous paintings of the Madonna and Child in the
Desborough Collection; Titian’s Madonna and
Child, lent by Lady Mond and destined to pass by
her will to the National Gallery; Pieter de Hooch’s
The Golj Players, so curiously anticipatory of
modern methods ; a Frans Hals ; works of Sir Peter
Lely, and works of the French school from the

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