Walicki, Michał
Sprawa inwentaryzacji zabytków w dobie Królestwa Polskiego: (1827 - 1862) — Warszawa: Les Belles Lettres, 1931

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§ 5-
Finally, if the monument itself does not supply such information, the dele-
gate may gather it from local sources, municipal archives, legends told by old people
and give his description on this basis. In case that all above mentioned sources
are not sufficient he may refer to printed material on this subject, which he can
cite with criticism.

§ 6.
In describing the present state of a monument, the delegate should state
of what material the monument is made, give an exact plan of it, a precise drawing,
emphasizing the most important particulars.
§ 7-
In regard to the latter, if need be, the delegate may request the help of
local engineers.

§ 8.
In view of the fact that the recording of monuments of art belonging to
owners of private estates should be worked out through the medium of local autho-
rities, and that the above instructions should be applied to recording of such mo-
numents, the Commission of the Interior and Religious Instruction will give the
delegate the authority to superintend the work of administrative authorities, but he
must communicate with them first and supply them with such precise information
and instructions as may be required.
§ 9-
If it will not increase the cost of journey, the delegate may use local Archi-
ves, particularly old records and give the government an exact report, in regard
to their state and security from being damaged.
§ io.
The journey of the delegate will be undertaken during the summer months,
and during this the delegate will present a general preliminary report to the go-
vernment about his activities, each month. After completing this journey the delegate
will make out an exact report and present it to the Governmental Commission.
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