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Der Arme Heinrich

Hartmann’s von Aue Der Arme Heinrich, composed towards the end of the 12th century, is a legendary tale of a man suffering from leprosy who is miraculously healed. This short story (ca. 1500 lines) is preserved in some collections, but apparently, and unlike his Arthurian romances, did not belong to Hartmann’s better-known works.

Although the number of manuscripts preserved is quite small, the degree of textual variation between them is comparatively high, showing numerous additions, cuts, alterations, and position changes of groups of verses.

The project of the electronic edition of Der Arme Heinrich intends to take advantage of the possibilities of the digital medium and use them to show precisely this variability. All manuscripts and fragments will be scanned and transcribed separately. Users can change the graphical representation in these transcriptions step by step with a mouse-click. Textual comparison mode allows readers to compare the versions or to view the transcription beside the manuscript scan. Due to the textual variability there will not be one edited text, but two.

Responsible editors are prof. Victor Millet and Gustavo Fernández Riva.