Aldrich, Henry; Smyth, Philip [Übers.]
The Elements Of Civil Architecture: According To Vitruvius And Other Ancients, And The Most Approved Practice Of Modern Authors, Especially Palladio — London, 1789 [Cicognara Nr. 395]

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In Venice Sanmicheli gave the model of the mo-
nailery of the Nuns os St. Biagio Catoldo. He de-
signed the palace de’ Cornari a S. Paolo; and that of
Grimani, near St. Luke’s, upon the great canal.
At Castel Franco, between Padua and Trevigi,
he built the Villa Soranzo, much applauded sor its
beauty and commodiousness. At Padua, a Deposit
In the Church of St. Antonio, for Alexander Con-
taining of a curious design.
In Verona, his native town, la Porta Nuova —
la Porta del Palio—la Porta di San Zenone—la
Cappelia Guareschi in S. Bernardino, in form of a
little round Corinthian Temple : this, through va-
rious avocations, he did not fmiih, and with sorrow
beheld his plan debased by those who continued the
work. He gave the design of the front of Santa
Maria in Organo, of the Olivetans, begun to be ex-
ecuted after his death, but slopped siiort in the out-
set. In the church os St. George he contrived to
slrengthen the Tides, so as to allow him to ereft a
cupola upon them, which no other artifl had dared
to attempt. His circular temple of the Madonna di
Campagna was lamed in the execution by another
hand—-and Hill more so his admirable design sor the
Lazzaretto, through a sordid ©economy. He de-
signed the Campanile os the Cathedral, strangely de-
sormed, and at last let down by the incompetence of
the builder. Bernardino Brugnoli, his nephew by a
siller, rebuilt it, as he did likewise that of St. George
after a plan of his uncle. The palaces Canosia, Be-
yilacqua, Pellegrini, Pompei, Verzi, are elegant
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