Aldrich, Henry; Smyth, Philip [Transl.]
The Elements Of Civil Architecture: According To Vitruvius And Other Ancients, And The Most Approved Practice Of Modern Authors, Especially Palladio — London, 1789 [Cicognara, 395]

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AB B O T, Charles, Esq; Student of Christ Church,
Affleck, Mr. Student of Christ Church.
Aldrich, George, M.D. Cockglode, Nottingham!!!. 5 Copies,
All Souls College Library, Oxford,
Apssey, Lord.
Atterbury, Rev. Dr. Francis.
Aubrey, Sir John, Bart.
Baker, Sir George, Bart.
Baker, Rev. Slade, Fellow of New College,
Barker, Rev. Mr. Student of Ch. Ch,
Bath and Wells, The Lord Bishop of.
Bathurst, Right Hon. Earl, 6 Copies,
Bathurst, Rev. Henry, D.C.L. Canon of Ch. Ch,
Bathurst, Rev. Charles, Fellow of New College.
Batt, John Thomas, Esq;
Batt, Rev. Charles William, Student of Ch, Ch,
Bayham, Lord Viscount.
Bentinck, Lord Edward.
Bentinck, Mrs.
Bentinck, Captain.
Bentinck, Charles, Esq;
Berkeley, Rev. Jostiua, D.D. Dean os Tuam.
Bernard, Scrope, Esq} Christ Church.
Bigge, ——, Esq; Corpus Christi College, Oxford.
Biscoe, ——, Esq;
Blayney, Rev. Benjamin, D. D. Canon of Christ Church*
Boawre, Rev. Mr.
Bond, Rev. Mr. Fellow of Wadham College*
Boothby, Brooke, Esq;
Bootle, Edw. Wilbraham, Esq; Ch. Ch,
Boys, Rev. Mr. Fellow of New College.
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