Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1900-1901

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of his profession, Ms energetic spirit led him to seek for original work
compatible with health, and in 1891 he determined to carry out a piece of
exploration in Egypt. After spending a season at Thebes, he was
attracted by the tombs of El Kab, and from 1892 he steadily aimed at a
thorough exploration of the site. The dusty atmosphere of Egyptian
excavations, however, aggravated his complaint, and after two seasons'
work at El Kab he was obliged to leave the field work to others.
Fortunately Mr. Somers Clarke had joined forces with him in 1893, and
was able to continue the supervision of work on the spot. The results of
their joint labours are contained in the series of Wall Drawings and
Monuments of El Kab, of which the fourth volume appeared only a few
days before Mr. Tylor's death. His work is also seen in the Tomb of
Paheri at El Kab, contained in the eleventh memoir of the Egypt
Exploration Fund. In his reproduction of wall scenes, Mr. Tylor made
large use of photography, only strengthening the weaker lines by hand.

The brilliant results achieved at El Kab and Hierakonpolis by Mr.
Quibell and Mr. Green, working for the Egyptian Kesearch Account, were
rendered possible chiefly by Mr. Tylor's generous initiative and donations.

In accordance with his expressed wishes and the terms of his will, Mr.
Tylor's valuable Egyptological books are presented to the Edwards
Library at University College, London, whence duplicates will be trans-
ferred to a special library of Egyptology now being formed at Oxford.
Provision is also made by his will for completing the work at El Kab.

F. Ll. G.


A studentship in Egyptology was founded in 1900 at Worcester College,
Oxford, by the widow of Mr. Laycock in memory of her husband; Mr.
D. Bandall-MacIver, M.A., has been elected the first student.

Mr. F. Ll. Griffith, M.A., has been appointed Header in Egyptology
in the University of Oxford.

Freiherr F. von Bissing has beeu appointed privat-docent in the
University of Munich.


An interesting letter from Eosellini to Abbate Pacha, dated 1844, on a
shahti figure, is published in Bee. xxiii. 1.

At the unveiling of a bust of Chabas subscribed for by Egyptologists
and fellow-townsmen at Chalon-sur-Saone, an eloge was pronounced by his
pupil, M. Eevillout, which is published in Rev. Egypt, ix. 78.
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