Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1900-1901

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Egypt Exploration Fund.
II. The Later Cemeteries.


The results of last season's work on the royal tombs of Abydos have
been already published by Professor Petrie, and are in the hands of
subscribers. To complete the clearance of these tombs it was found
necessary to concentrate almost all our workmen on the one site ; and so
but little could be done in continuation of the work begun the year before
on the late cemetery. Some three or four gangs of men, however, were
kept on the later site throughout the greater part of the season, and the
more important finds resulting from their work may be noted here.

Several pit-tombs of the intermediate Xllth—XVIIIth period were
opened, and in one was found the wand of a new king, Seb-kay. Many of
these tombs contained specimens of the " Pan-grave " type of pottery,
and a further proof, if that were needed, of the date of the Khyan group of
kings was afforded by the presence of a scarab of Shesha. In connection
with the black-topped " Pan-grave " pottery, it is interesting to note that
the specimens which occur in the Egyptian pit-tombs are far finer
and more delicate than those which we found in the real " Pan-graves "
at Hu.

Of the XVIIIth Dynasty a number of rich burials were cleared. As
in the previous year, all had been plundered anciently, yet many of the
loading ...