Egypt Exploration Fund   [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1903-1904

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the excavation of

AKHET-ASUT, The Funerary Temple of




A A Temple of Hatshepsu (XVIIIth Dyn.). i e Entrance from Ramp to Pillared Hall: ] □ O Column-bases in situ.

B B Cross-wall of Court. Red Granite Threshold.

C Court between the Temples. // Pillared Hall. j ||§|§1P Foundations and Remains of

D Westernmost traces of Ramp [Altar ?] g g Wall of Pillared Hall. , Xlth Dyn. Walls.

(XVIIIth Dyn.).
a Xlth Dyn. Pacing-Walls.

ah ,, Reliefs in situ.

t, h k Limit of former Excavations.
ac ,, ,, Ramp.

6 Rock-platform of Xlth Dyn. Temple. 11 Limit °f Present Excavations. XVIIIth Dyn. Walls,

c c Lower Colonnade. m m Mountain Slope.

id Bases of Upper Co'onnade. '—-IB Walls and Columns in still. i5S!®3 Brickwork.

Page 1.

li li Ed"e of Pavement of Colonnade. j VM/av/m i-> i i vm i-. w n„

mmW, Destroyed Xlth Dyn. Walls.

i i Brick Constructions (XVIIIth Dyn. ?). I
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