Egypt Exploration Fund   [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1903-1904

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Progress of Egyptology.

Excavations and Explorations.
a. Work in 1902-3, including repairs, etc..

Mr. Howard Carter kindly contributes the following memorandum of
work done in the Upper Egypt Inspectorate :—

Abu Simbel. Electric light installed in the temple of Rameses II.

Aswan. The most important tombs at Qubbet el Hawa cleared of
sand. Small excavations at Qubbet el Hawa by Lady William Cecil.
Complete excavation of the small Ptolemaic temple behind the town, and
building of an enclosure wall to protect it. Discovery of Aramaic docu-
ments dated in the reigns of Artaxerxes I. and Darius II.

Kom Ombo. Repairs to the end enclosure wall in progress.

Edfu. Repairs to the west enclosure wall continued and nearly

El Kab. Excavations of Professor Sayce and Mr. Somers Clark.
Thebes. Karnak, see M. Legrain's report below.

Tombs of the Kings, (a) The tomb of Queen Hatshepsut has been com-
pletely explored by the Service des Antiquites on behalf of Mr. Theo. M.
Davis. In the tomb chamber were found the sarcophagi of the Queen
and of Thothmes I., and fragments of funerary furniture, (b) The tomb
of Merneptah has been completely excavated, with the result that the lid
of the king's sarcophagus and the sarcophagus box as well as parts of the
canopic box and ushabti figures were discovered. The sarcophagus was
previously unknown (the statement in the various editions of Baedeker
that it was in chamber Y. is incorrect). It is described as the finest
monument we have of the king, (c) The repairs to the tomb of Sety I.
are completed.

Tombs of the Queens. SS. Schiaparelli and Ballerini have found
the tombs of Queen Nefertari-Merimut, Prince Praherunamf, Prince
Setherkhepshef, and Princess Aahmest, daughter of King Seqenenra. The
tomb of [queen ?] Isis also was opened.

Deir el Bahari. Excavations of the Egypt Exploration Fund (p. 1).

Sheikh Abd el Qurneh. Mr. Robert Mond has cleared twelve tombs
already known : namely, those of Neferrenpit, Tehutiemheb, Khamhat,
Userhat (a), Imhotep, Amenemhat, Roy, Userhat (b), Neferhotep, Apity,
Nebuah, Menkheperra-senb; also two inscribed mummy pits of User and

Ramesseum. The excavation of the subsidiary buildings has been
continued; large numbers of inscribed potsherds, contemporary with the
temple, have been found.
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