Egypt Exploration Fund   [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1903-1904

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Monuments les plus remarquahles decouverts dans le trou de Karnak:—
Statuette arekaique de Khasakhemom (?).

„ de Sahouri dediee par Ousirtasen ler.
,, TJsernra.

„ Montouhotep V. ^0 jM , Meronkhri.

Tetes colossales d'Ousirtasen III.
Statues dAmenemhat III.

Statuettes de Nofirhotpou III. ^0 yjj, Mersakhemri.

Statuette de Sebeldiotpou VIII. Merhotpouri.

XVIIIe Dynastie.—Statuettes de Ahniesnofretari, Thoutmosis I. et III.,
Amenothes II. et III., tete d'Amenothes IV., Hormlieb en bois silicifie.

Statues et statuettes de Senniaout, Sennefer.

XIXe Dynastie.— Stele de Seti ler.

Colosses et statues de Bamses II., du Prince Khaemouas.

Statues des premiers proplietes dAmon Bakenklionsou, Psarou et
Mahonhi, des vizirs Psarou et KhaT.

XXe Dynastie.—-Statues des premiers proplietes d'Amon Baken-
klionsou II., Bamsesnakhtou, Eoma, Ro'i.

XXIe.—Statues et statuettes de premiers proplietes dAmon Herlior,
Pinodjem et du roi Psiouklianou.

XXIIe.—Statues du ler prophete dAmon Sheshonq. Nombreuses
statues d'une famille apparentee avec les rois Osorkon II., Horsiesi et

XXII.—XXVIe.—Statues de Sliapenap et de Haroua,

XXVIe.—Statues de Montouemhat et de sa famille.

XXVIe a, la fin de la periode ptolemaique—Nombreuses statues.

Nagada (tomb of Menes) and Beni Hasan excavations of Mr.

Oxyrhynchus excavations of Drs. Grenfell and Hunt.

Ehnasya (Almas) excavations by Professor Petrie tor, the Egypt
Exploration Fund (p. 12).

Gurob.—Mr. L. Loat, E.Z.S., reports on his work as follows :—■

" Last season's work on behalf of the Egyptian Besearch Account
was carried out at Gurob, where formerly Prof. Petrie excavated, on
the edge of the province of the Fayoum, close to the Bahr Yusef. The
most interesting find was the discovery of a small pre-historic burying-
place, situated about half a mile to the south of the ancient town of Gurob.
It consisted of about fifty graves placed on a small ' kom' or eminence,
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