Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1905-1906

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Egypt Exploration Fund.

exception of two largs ones, of which the complete clearance would occupy
most of a season. Though not much is to be expected at any rate from
the upper layers of these, we are, in view of the surprisingly good results
obtained last winter from very deep trenches, unwilling to leave the lower
levels of these two mounds unexplored; and, if sufficient funds are available,
we hope in the coming winter to be able to finish practically all those
parts of the site in which Greek papyri are to be found.

Besides the papyri, which have, as usual, all been sent to England for
publication, pending a later division with the Cairo Museum, few of the
other objects found were of much interest. About eighty ostraca were
discovered, nearly all of which belong to the fourth, fifth, or sixth centuries.
We append the texts of eleven. (1) 4th or 5th cent. dvTia>']iccop,a
tyeWbmi', £ Ii'Sl(ktIopo^) Xoiav k (' Compensation for the bracelets ; the 7th
indictiou, Choiak 20.') (2) 5th cent. Att$>ov<; (3ovX(evTT]<i) et? <yp( )
(or perhaps rp( )) 8i]/j,(oalov) (3aX(ave'iuv) iirl pijroi AOiip xe 6V(ou?)
cbop(t)jyov^) l/3 p(ovov<;). (' Apphous, senator, (has provided) for the . . .
of the public bath on the 25th of the month Athur 12 donkey loads only.')
(3) 3rd cent. S/cw' IIiav<; Tpvcpcovo'; d\yp(ov) p(d>iov) ev rpLTOv, ryi(veTui)
/j,{(tiiov) ay'. Arjp,rjTpio$ aea)jpela>} 8i(a) rod d8e\d>ov Me^elp /ca. (' At
Sko, Pisus son of Tryphon has provided one and one third moia
(receptacles of some kind ; cf. P. Hibeh 49, 8, note) of chaff, total li moia.
Signed by Demetrius through his brother, Mecheir 21.'.) (4) On an
amphora, 5th or 6th cent. ^py ( — Xptarov MapLa yewd) lyO (99, the sum
of the numerical values of the letters in dpqv) Oeov %«pt? icalp8os (—Kep8o^)
dylov Mrjva TJirpov Acppovs Uapvo [ . . followed by Lj6 thrice repeated.
(5) 6th cent. Koop(rji) Kepxei'jpecoi elf 7rXol(ov) Uerpov Tovv6(ov) 'Ewlcp le
a (erovf ?) 4>°p( ) G(aX^ai ) (cf. no. 7) £ (aprdfiaf) ia (i"]piav), Se/capia
i)a7]<rov (1. tftuav), /jj(ws) 7rpo? AXe%(dvipeiav). ('At the village of
Kerkeiiris there have been embarked on the boat of Peter son of Gunthus,
on Epeiph 15 of the 1st year (?) for . . . llh artabae, eleven and a half,
only, to be sent to Alexandria.') (6) In the same hand as that of (5).
xcop(i]f) N>']acoL> elf 7tXo!(oi>) Tlerpou Tovv6(ov) 'Eirlcp i%- a (erovf?) </>op( )
6(aXrjaL ) X/3 (dprd/3af) ve, irevTnKovra, irevje, po(vaf) irpbf !AXe£(dv8peiav).
(7) 6th cent. icd>pr)f Xevondjpeof TrXot(ov) 'Iwaijcp dirb Mou^eo? TLav(vi) y a
4>op( ) &aXi]<ri( ) 18, KaT( ) Xo( ) id £( ) ?; ^( ) 8. 01(a) Uiafxer
yp[apixaTe<j}f). (8) 6th cent. peplS(of) toov KX^pop6p(wv) AvSpeou yewpyou
drrb iiroiic(lov) ^arepr]UTo(f) pvaecof rerdpTTjf lp8(i<rlovof) . a yeoup^ov( )
fiep(ovf ?) oivov SnrXd Tpiatcoaia TpcaKovra Tecraapa xai Xdr/ e£, <yi(voi>Tai)
oiv(pv) 81(77X0) tX8 Kai Xdi-j <z. 8(id?) KecpaXd o( ) p.( ) eypd(p{if)
M(eaop))] e.TTayon(evwv) 8 oh'ov Tpiri]f dp^i]f 8 81' epov ^epdvov oIkovo/xov
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