Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1905-1906

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In view of the impending publication of the first part of " The Xlth
Dynasty Temple at Deir el Bahari," as the ordinary Memoir of the Fund
for the year 1905-6, it is unnecessary that the report of the work of the
third season should be so detailed and so lengthy as the reports of the first
two seasons' work.

This year we had the valuable help of Mr. C. T. Currelly, in succession
to Mr. Ayrton. Two volunteer helpers, Messrs. J. T. Dennis and M. D. P.
Dalison, took the place of Mr. G-arnett-Orme. The former gave us his
assistance in the drawing of inscriptions, while the latter assisted in
the supervision of the actual work of excavation, and looked after the

The long season's work and extensive clearances of 1904-5 had
already revealed the whole symmetrical plan of the Xlth Dynasty
temple, with its rectangular platform with sunken courts on both sides,
its pyramid-base surrounded by colonnades, and its facade with ramp in
centre and low-level colonnade on either side of it. This year's work has
been, as far as fresh discoveries in the plan are concerned, merely supple-
mentary. The back or west end of the temple has been explored, showing
that there never was any other building between the supposed pyramid-
base and the western cliffs ; so that the conclusion of last year that this
erection, which is the only thing at Deir el Bahari that in any way
resembles a pyramid, is the pyramid of Akh-asu, the supposed resting-
place of Neb-hepet-Ra Mentuhetep, is confirmed. But though this
pyramid may have been generally regarded as his burial-place, and so was
very naturally found intact when the Bamesside inspectors visited it,*
yet we know from last year's work that he was not actually buried there.
It seemed that the pyramid was a sham, a mere mock tomb, put up partly

* Abbott Papyrus.

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