Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1905-1906

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aeffrjf/ieia/juii) v% . . . degenerating into tacliygrapliical symbols. \dr), a3
Mr. Crura tells us, also occurs as a measure in Coptic papyri. (9) 6th
cent. eo"%(oi>) Si(a) <f>oifidfxu(ab Takelou itrl p.i](vb^) ^apfiuvO(i) ly eu)?
<l>apfj.ov8(i,) le aaoydvas Be/cdeTrra, yl^vovrai) aap{ydvcu) if, (j(w«?).
eypd(f>(ij) p,i](vb$) 4>app.(ov9t) te iv$(t/CTiovo;) /3 oY tytoO 4>oL0ufip,'iyv KCU Apmv
/3or]@(<t)i') tov StjiJ,oa(iov) \ovrp(ov) (' I received through Phoebaramon son of
Galeius on the 13th of the month Pharmouthi up to Pharmouthi 15
seventeen baskets, total 17 baskets, only. Written on the 15th of the
month Pharmouthi of the 2nd indiction by me, Phoebammon, and Axon,
assistants at the public bath.') (10) Gth cent. ip.erpr]^fv 'Iepev; dirb
KU>fJ.rj<; Wdx(eo)$V) ei? 7rX(otoj/) Aio(TicovpL?iou rro\i{TevoLievov) virep
<Poi/3dp,fj.a>i> 'Oi'vm<pplou vrrep yei»')p,ciTOi [i.]S IdSikti(ovos) airov puirapou
dp\ra\Ba<; heicdeTTja i)p,icroi (1. tffiurv), ["//(/'octck)] <rh{ov) 'pv{iTapov)
(dpTd/3ai) if ("jpiiau), /i,oVa?. [.] . . a? Hawi Ky oY ep.ov <Pot/3d[ip.coi>
'Ovreofipiov e%e&6p.i]v to ivrdyiov hi ep.oi) iipiavytj 'iypa^a virep uvtou
ypdp:[uaTa] fi>] el'Bo-ro;. (' Hiereus from the village of Psachis has
measured iuto the boat of Dioscurides, councillor, on behalf of Phoebammon
son of Onnophrius for the produce of the 14th indiction seventeen and a
half artabae of unsifted corn, total 17 i- art. of unsifted corn, only. . . .
Pauni 23, T, Phoebammon son of Onnophrius, issued the receipt. I, Horion,
wrote for him, as he was illiterate.') (11) Gth cent, hndyiov i/j,ov
<Poi{3d[iati>ro<; EvXoylov KVt3ep(n'}Tov) ttXolou AioccovplSov TruXireuop-eiov.
eaypv irapa, TlavX(ov) 'Ovvw&piov xal T . . . riov "flpov dirb KGOfzij?
iJrtu^fo? inrep iS IvOlk{tlovos) ctltov pvirapou dpTa(3a<s p«:S. Si enou
$oifi(ti/jLfji<ovo<;) aciar) (1. aea^^iirjjfxai). (' Receipt issued by me,
Phoebammon son of Eulogius, pilot of the ship of Dioscurides, councillor.
I have received from Paulus son of Onnophrius and T . . . sou of Horus
from the village of Ptochis for the 14th indiction 124 artabae of unsifted
corn. Signed by me, Phoebammon.') Other ostraca mention the villages
Tep>)6ecd? and 'Apuband the ^cbpia AuSp(cou), Tlapopiou, Wap,a( ),
IlaTepp^ovdiOs ?, 'Pvnov, Ifivap^ ), 'HpooSov, Kti;q-c[aK, '0\vp,iri(ov),
"flirov, Avtiov, IIaTaap( ), AavTep( ), Kora\[ ), Mvprov, K<ip.i\i6vOy,
Kpiair^ov, Nerj(pVTo[v, 'lTrire( ), and the irroiiciov Nop.oyp(dj>ou).
Stamped on the edge of a shallow bowl was (1. 1) ABTONITR . (1. 2)
LUCILLUER, and on another (1. 1) .] NUMER . . (1. 2) [SJA.TURNIN.
The ostraca have been divided between the British Museum, the
Ashmolean and the Fitzwilliani Museums.

Other inscribed objects include four limestone or wooden stamps (%evi),
sc. Sevr/pos, 'Iov<tto<;, &c), some pieces of wax tablets, a lead magical
tablet, several wooden tablets, (e.g. Qep[j.ov6i{o)v di>ed>]/cev vrrep iu^apiaria^
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