Egypt Exploration Fund   [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1905-1906

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


indicating the divinity represented and its position in the temple of
the Memphite Bubastis. BoRm vrdt, A. Z. xlii. 83.

BlSSlNG notes instances of pr.soners represented as supports (of thrones,
etc ) in illustration of the example in the tower at Medinet Habu. A. Z.
xlii. 83.

Boeseu quotes the inscription of a shabti in the Leyden Museum to
show that shabtis represent not the deceased himself but his slaves.
A.Z. xlii. 81.

The Egyptian cups named nsheh and seshen (lotus), A. Baillet.
Rev. Arch. vii. 52.

Legrain publishes quarry marks from El Hosh near Gebel Silsileb.
r. S. B.A. xxviii. 17.

Jluch light is thrown on the methods of Egyptian engineers and builders
by Bopx'HARDt's two memoirs on the history of the temple of Karnak
and the temple of the sun at Abusir, see above, pp. 28, 29.

In the catalogue of the Graeco-Egyptian Glass in the Cairo Museum, bv
C. C. Edgar, the specimens appear to be, with very few exceptions, rather
coarse types of blown glass vessels of Koman date, much like those found
in the Syrian tombs; the exceptions are some of still later times. There
are no examples of mosaic work, nor of the pillar-moulded or marbled kinds
such as are found in Rome and other western sites.


In an obituary notice from the pen of Prof. Eumax, Count Schack-
SchacivEXEORg, who died on January 28th, 1905, at the age of fifty-two,
appears as an excellent example of the amateur scientist such as is
rarely met with in Germany. Called at an early age to manage the
paternal estate, he never entered at a university. He devoted his leisure
hours in no amateurish spirit to Egyptology, his first published essays
dating from 1883; the large tasks projected in later years were all
unfortunately left incomplete owing to his long illness and early death.
Perhaps his most lasting and useful work is the co-ordinating and
numbering of the chapters of the Pyramid Texts, A. Z. xlii. 87.

Of Krall (1857-1905) we have a biographical sketch, with list of his
published works by Prof. Wiedemann, Bee. de Trav. xxviii. 131,
and an obituary notice by Erjian, A.Z. xlii. 86.

Obituary notice of Bouriant and Gombzrt by Chassinat, Ball.
iii. 213.

Bibliography of Piehl's writings completed, Axdersson, Sphinx, ix.
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