Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1908-1909

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc


Important study of certain plurals, and especially feminine collectives,
in Coptic and hieroglyphic. Lacau, Rec. de Trav. xxxi. 73.

Dual forms of demonstrative pronouns. Grapow, A.Z. xlv. 57.

Review of Junker's Grammatik der Dcndera-texte, Naville, Sphinx,
xii. 59; study of the forms of the plural in Egyptian nouns, id. Rec. de
Trav. xxxi. 61.

The origin of the negative une—in a verb having the meaning
"was" preceded by the usual negative; a very interesting article.
Gardiner, A.Z. xlv. 73.

Valuable studies of words and grammatical forms: (j substituted for

_a, especially before h; value of ; " palette," gsti not msti; curious

form of aur, " conceive " ; verbal form sdm ka-f found in texts of all ages;
hwt, " leader," in Pyramid texts : nthth, " tremble (?) with joy " ; <=>

varying with Devaud, Sphinx, xii. 107.

Valuable notes on difficult passages in the Story of the Shipwrecked
Sailor. Gardiner, A.Z. xlv. 57; the name of the Nile, id. ib. 140.

The meaning of the words at, " member," auf, " flesh," ha, " surface of
body." Montet, Sphinx, xiii. 1.

Notes on the Bitual Papyrus No. 3055 of the Berlin Museum. Anders-
son, Sphinx, xii. 14; examination of Sciiafer's edition of the Pankhi
inscription with readings from the original, id. ib. 157; review of vol. I. of
Sethe's Urkundcn der XVIII. Dyn. id. ib. 210; a difficult word in the
stela of Pithom. id. ib. xiii. 12.

Eeviews of Portner's Aegyptische Grabsteine aus Athen und Konstanti-
nopcl, and Maspeko's Memoires de Sinouhit. Muller, O.L.Z. xii. 218, 275.

Pap. Prisse, ix. 7-12. Madsen, Sphinx, xii. 239 ; autobiography of a
sculptor (Stela C. 14 of Louvre), id. ib. 242.

Gleanings from the Setne story. Spiegelberg, A.Z. xlv. 72.

Edition of a Ptolemaic sale of liturgies at Thebes, of which the complete
demotic original is in Berlin and a fragmentary translation into Greek at
Leiden. Griffith and AVilcken, A.Z. xlv. 103.

Valuable article on the classification of hieroglyphs, resulting in two
principal classes, ideographic and phonetic—the former with two sub-
divisions, word-signs and meaning-signs (deut zeichen), the latter with
three, according as they are of one, two, or three consonants. Setiie,
A.Z. xlv. 36.

On the use of the upright stroke | in Old Kingdom texts. It is
found accompanying proper word-signs (which depict the object named)
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