Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1908-1909

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Progress of Egyptology

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1. Biblical.—That the vast Eainer collection contains a quantity of
valuable Coptic material still unpublished, has long been of common
knowledge, and students must congratulate themselves that Krall's efforts
to make this gradually available are being so successfully continued by
Wessely. Following on his editions of the Psalter and Fayyumic
fragments, he has now given us a miscellaneous volume,1 comprising a
number of Old Testament texts, both Greek and Coptic. Of the 34
Coptic passages, 12 are wholly new, 6 more partly so. It may be observed
that no. 33, which has strayed among the patristica, is simply Isaiah v,
11-27. Wessely has added a list of the variants from published bible

One of the finest Sa'idic MSS. in the British Museum must have been,
when complete, the papyrus codex (ca. 7th century), from the poor
remnants of which Sir Herbert Thompson has succeeded in transcribing
large portions of the Salomonic books and Ecclesiasticus.2 The new text
is of varying merit, but often at least equal to that of Lagarde's print.
The introduction contains an interesting description of the material
construction (' Faserung') of the volume.

Deiber prints3 passages from Sa'idic Jeremiah and Lamentations, most
of which had been given by Maspero from the same MSS.

Winstedt prints 17 Old Test, fragments (Sa'idic) from the British
Museum, some of which are new.4 One, from Hosea, is remarkable, as

* I again owe some references to Prof. L. Scherman's kindness.
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