Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1908-1909

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The twelve months covered by this Report have not been marked by any
sensational discovery. There has, however, been plenty of activity with
good results in all departments. The output of works on the Art and
Archaeology of Ancient Egypt has been especially noticeable.

Erman has contributed an article to the Internationale WocTienschrift
filr Wissenschaft Kunst und Technik (number for May, 1909) on recent
progress in Egyptology, with special reference to the editions of Historical
Texts by Sethe and Schafer in the Urhwnden, and of the Pyramid Texts
by Sethe, together with Junker's work on Ptolemaic hieroglyphic and
Holler's on hieratic.

Dr. Eoeder has written an excellent summary of Egyptological work
during 1907, Z.D.M.G. lxiii. 239 : reports of exploration in Egypt during
the winter of 1908-9 may be found in O.L.Z. xii. 224, and an account of
the German excavations of 1907-8 at Elephantine, Kom Ombo, Abusir
and Tell el-Amarna, in Klio ix. 124, by Borghardt.

The International Congress of Classical Archaeology was held in Cairo
in April, somewhat late in the season for archaeologists from northern
Europe. Six hundred members attended, two hundred of them being
from France. The papers read include several concerning Graeco-Egyptian
antiquities in Egypt. The Congress is described as having been very
successful as a practical demonstration of Egypt's wealth in archaeology,
but without having produced many papers on Egyptological matters.
O.B. 1909, 355, cf. J. Baillet, Bev. des questions historiques, Juillet, 1909.
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