Aldrich, Henry; Smyth, Philip [Übers.]
The Elements Of Civil Architecture: According To Vitruvius And Other Ancients, And The Most Approved Practice Of Modern Authors, Especially Palladio — London, 1789 [Cicognara, 395]

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In the church he had so long laboured to adorn;
where his obsequies were attended by a concourse of
his fellow citizens os all orders, with every demon-
stration of the mod asseftionate regret. Nor were
their endeavours to perpetuate his memory wanting,
as his bull, done by his disciple Buggiano, and
placed on the right hand of the door os the same
church, by the side of that of Giotto, serves to
His other buildings and deilgns in Florence are
the Sagresty (vestry) and great part os the church
of St. Lorenzo, with the lodgings of the canons.
The unskilfulness, or malice, of those who conti-
nued the church has much hurt the effect. S. Spirito,
and the habitations of the religious there. The Ca-
pitolo de’ Pazzi in Santa Croce; where, by the side os
the altar, were deposited the remains of the illus-
trious Galileo Galilei. The uncovered and almost
ruined church degli Angeli, an octagon, for the noble
family degli Scolari, was carried up to the cornice
after his design, preserved in the library de’ P, P. Ca-
maldolesi of Florence. The tribune os Santa Maria
IJghi was his idea.
He made the model of a superb Palace of his own
invention sor Cosimo de’ Medici, to be built facing
St. Lorenzo: but, the execution being dropped,
through fear of ossence to the public, the author in
a pet broke the model. The palace Pitti was con-
duced after his design as far as the second tier of
windows; the red os the sabric, with the court,
was carried on by Bartolomeo Ammanati, the draw-
loading ...