Aldrich, Henry; Smyth, Philip [Übers.]
The Elements Of Civil Architecture: According To Vitruvius And Other Ancients, And The Most Approved Practice Of Modern Authors, Especially Palladio — London, 1789 [Cicognara, 395]

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other buildings in Mantua, he construfted the church
of St, Andrew, now much desormed in the inside
by pretended modern improvements. Though the
principal sront of the church of Santa Maria novella
at Florence be deemed unworthy of him, the portal
is certainly a design os Alberti. The loggie of the
Corinthian order, and the Doric front of the Palazzo
Rucellai in the same town, are allowed to be os his
invention. Yasari thinks the architecture of a cha-
pel, he planned for the Rucellai family in Rome,
the bell specimen of his (kill in that art.
His writings are very numerous. * Many of his
latin compositions, (inedited as well as edited) in-
cluding his ten books de re sedificatoria, were Iran-
dated into Italian by Cosimo Bartoli a Florentine
gentleman. His erudition and his latin style are
equally applauded by the learned of his time, Poii-
tian, no spendthrift of praise upon his cotemporaries,
is very large and explicit, to his own Patron Lorenzo
* The titles of some of them are Momus, a moral and politi-
cal work ip sour books. Trattato di Matematica, transsated by
Bartoli from the inedited original. De Jure ined. transsated by
the same with title Dello amminiitrare la Ragione. De Causis
Senatoriis printed at Basil. Chorographia urbis Romas antiques.
Libellus Apologorum, translated by the same. Philodoxos, co-
mcedia latina. Dell’ Economia tre libri, Italian. Dialoghi della
Republica ; della Vita civile e rusticana ; della Fortuna; pub-
lished by Bartoli. De Amore et de Remedio Amoris; Latin titles
to Italian treatises. Much Latin and Tuscan poetry. Statua,
Latine ined. transsated by the same. De Pistura libri tres, La-
tine at Basil 1540; again with John de Laet’s edit, of Vitruvius
Am st el. 1649 » transsated by Bartoli and Doipeniclxi.

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