Aldrich, Henry; Smyth, Philip [Übers.]
The Elements Of Civil Architecture: According To Vitruvius And Other Ancients, And The Most Approved Practice Of Modern Authors, Especially Palladio — London, 1789 [Cicognara, 395]

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reign, he diredted the construdtion of two bridges.*
of his own invention, over the Seine at Paris; but
certainly did not superintend the whole of the execu-
tion; as these were fdnished in 1507, and Jocundus
was at Venice in 1506 and 1508, During his abode
in Paris, he had the good sortune to find, in an old
library there, a more complete MS. than any then
known of the younger Pliny’s Epistles,0 from wrhich
he procured an edition of them at Bologna, 1498. 4t0,„
Under favour of the same opportunity, he aslisted
Budaeus in reading Vitruvius, by his drawings as well
as oral explanations.
In 1506 a moll important service was rendered by
him to the republic of Venice. Consulted on the
growing danger of the Lagunes being filled up, with
the earth and sand discharged into them by the mouth
of the Brenta, he recommended the making a cut to
divert part of its water, with the matters brought
down by it, towards Chioggia. I11 consequence of
that expedient, the wash since carried that way has
made a tradt of good ground os what before was sea,
and the Lagunes are kept free from what accumu-
lates there. In acknowledgment of this service, the
celebrated Lewis Cornaro called Jocundus the second
founder of Venice. It was afterwards thought HiII
more conducive to the end proposed to lead the out-
let farther southward, where it now enters the sea at
Porto Brondoli.
In 1511 he superintended his own edition of Vi-
truvius, fob at Venice, in which he very considerably
0 Vide Annotations prior, et posterior. G, Budaei in Pandeft, Lutet. 1556.
jb. 39. F. p, 120. D,
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