Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1892-1893

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Progress of Egyptology.

of the pronunciation habitual at the present day amoncr the native
ecclesiastics in Upper Egypt, was made by the late M. de Rochemonteix,11
who spared no pains in reproducing in print the linguistic peculiarities
of two or three educated Copts, and whose work forms an interesting
counterpart to the mediaeval Coptic-French vocabulary published a few
years ago by M. Maspero.

The class of documents known as "Faiyum Papyri" forms the material
of an admirable G uide to the Rainer Collections/5 for the Coptic portion
of which Dr. Krall is responsible, and which is soon to be reissued in
an enlarged edition. The MSS. catalogued are of very various natures ;
biblical and patristic fragments, legal texts and private letters, and
range chronologically from praaislamite times to the 9th or 10th cen-
turies. The similar Coptic fragments from the collection of Professor
Flinders Petrie have been edited by the present writer.16

The geography of Christian Egypt is treated in a new work by M.
Amelineau,17 who has already dealt with some points of topography in the
Asiatic Quarterly.™

Finally, Professor Ebers has turned his attention to Egyptian art of
the Coptic period,19 numerous monuments of which were published not
long ago by M. Gayet.

Beyond what has already been printed, we may look forward to the
appearance of Dr. Steindorff's Grammar {Porta Linguarum), to the Rev.
G. Horner's critical edition of the Boheiric Gospels, to a catalogue by
Dr. Boeser of the Coptic MSS. at Leyden, and to the publication of
some of those at Berlin in the new series of Aegyptische Urkunclen.

W. E. Cbum.

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