Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1892-1893

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Me. Newberry's Work, 1892-93.

Before the Archaeological Survey party left London in December, 1892'
it was intended that the main work of the season which has now drawn
to a close should be devoted to the exploration of the tombs situated in
the hills to the east of the site of the ancient city of Khutaten,1 a site
known to the Bedawin of to-day by the name of Tel Beni 'Amrau, but
to the world more generally, and to tourists in particular, by the name
Tell el Amarna. It proved, however, that for this year the site had been
placed at the disposal of another worker ; and so our labours there had
to be deferred. Meanwhile, I at once decided that the main basis of
operations should be the tomb3 of Sheikh Sa'id, which are situated on
the east bank of the Nile, a few miles to the north of Tell el Amarna.
Our survey of the Sheikh Sa'id tombs (which, of course, includes copying
the bas-reliefs and inscriptions), however, by no means comprises all that
the officers'sent out by the Fund have accomplished this year. We

1 Khutaten and Khuenaten would be more properly rendered by Aklietaten and

2 The officers this year were : Mr. Percy E. Newberry (officer in charge), Mr. Percy
Buckman (artist), Mr. John E. Newberry (architect), and Mr. Howard Carter (artist).
Prom February 7th to April 13th Mr. Carter was absent from the Survey Work,
having been sent by the Committee to join Mr. Guthrie Roger at Simbelawin in
the Delta. Prom February 21st to April 2nd Mr. John Newberry was working with
Mr. Naville at Deir el Bahri.
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