Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1897-1898

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archaeology, hieroglyphic studies, FlC.


Sais. Fragment of inscribed cubit; id. ib. 78.
Sapt el Henneh ; id. ib. 76.
Kum Abu Yasin (near Horbeic) : id. ib. 78.
Tdkh el Karamus ; id. ib. 85.

Sinai Peninsula. Twelfth Dynasty tomb at Sarabut el Khadem, the
funerary character of which had been overlooked; Borchardt, A. Z.
xxxv. 112.

Rome. Description of the obelisks at Rome, with printed texts, trans-
lations, &c, and excellent photographs of the two principal obelisks.
Seven date from the XVIIIth, XlXth, and XXVTfch Dyns.; six are of
Roman make. Of the seven, one was brought from Thebes, one from
Sais, and four were brought from Heliopolis to adorn the capital of the
empire. Marucchi, Gli Obelischi Egiziani di Boma ; reviewed by Piehl,
Sphinx, ii. 95.

Florence. Inscriptions on monuments in the Museum; Pellegrini,
Bee. de Tr. xix. 215, xx. 86.

Sens. Inscriptions and monuments in the Museum;, Bee. de
Tr. xx. 176.


The second instalment of the Kahun Papyri has been published,
comprising all the remaining facsimiles, with transcription, translation,
and commentary. It includes wills and other legal documents from
Kahun, accounts of all kinds, and letters ; and from Gurob a letter to
Amenhetep IV., &c. Griffith, Hieratic Papyri from Kahun and Gurob
(principally of the Middle Kingdom), reviewed by Maspero, Journal des
Savant*, Fev.-Mars, 1898.

Eisenlohr, P. S. F>. A. xix. 252, concludes his comments on the Rollin

Hieratische papyrus aus den Koniylichen Museen zu Berlin,.dies heft.
This instalment contains in fine facsimile the end of the Ritual of Amen
and fifteen imperfect pages of a Ritual of Mut.

A very interesting papyrus of the XXIst Dyn., relating the voyage of
an Egyptian from Tanis to Cyprus, &c, has been published with photo-
graphs by its owner, Prof. Golenischeff, in the Festschrift fur Baron-
Rosen ! cf. Or. Lift, Zeit. 140.


The Demotische Lesestiiclce of Prof. Krall (Part I.) is a series of
clearly autographed facsimiles of important demotic texts, including the
loading ...