Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1897-1898

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Sethe continues his excellent articles on Egyptian places, persons,
deities, and words named in Greek and Latin for the new edition of Pauly-
IVissowa's liealencyclopaedie (letter Oh). They summarize a vast amount
of learning, embody the latest discoveries, and contain original observa-
tions of great interest.

Personal, &c.

Sir Peter Lepage Eenouf, the doyen of Egyptologists, English and
foreign, died on the 14th October, 1897. Born in 1822, his first
Egyptological publication did not appear until 1860, only two years
earlier than the first work of Professor Pleyte, of Leyden. A sympathetic
sketch of his life is given in the Deutsche Revue, March, 1898, by his
friend Geoeg Ebees, who has survived him less than a year. Erman
signs his obituary in A. Z. xxxv. 165, and Rylands that for the Society
of Biblical Archaeology (P. S. B. A., xx. 271). Of this Society Reuouf
was President since 1887, and in its Proceedings his valuable work on
the Book of the Dead was still in course of publication when death
overtook him. He succeeded Dr. Birch as Keeper of the Egyptian and
Assyrian Antiquities in the British Museum.

Georg Ebers, the novelist and Egyptologist, died on 7th August, 1898.
His early life down to the publication of his first novel, " An Egyptian
Princess," is told in his " Story of My Life." He was born in 1837, and
in 1870 was appointed to a professorship of Egyptology at Leipzig. In
1892, he retired from the chair, his speech having become affected by
paralysis. But among his pupils had been Dumicheu, Ed. Meyer,
Pietschmann, V. Lemm, Wiedemann, Lincke, Erman, Hommel, Wilckeu
W. Max Miiller, &c. His kindly and generous spirit is well shown in
a private letter written in 1896 referring to his professorial life, " Mchts
konnte mir grossere Freude machen als sie—besonders Erman—iiber
mich herauswachsen zu sehen.''' The great medical papyrus which he
secured at Thebes and presented to the Leipzig University, and to the
elucidation of which he devoted so much labour, would also keep the
name of Ebers alive among Egyptologists. The Jubilee of his doctorate
in 1897 was the occasion of a Festschrift presented by his pupils. This
collection of essays was noticed in last year's Report. It is reviewed by
Piehl, Sphinx II. 10, 27, who adds his tribute to the Professor for
whom it was vi ritten, ever genial though tried by weary and incessant

Wiedemann (Or. Litt. Zeit. 1898, 224) records the services to Oriental
research of Dr. A. Likcke, of Dresden, who died on June 2nd. He, too,
loading ...