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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1897-1898

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Gkaeco-Roman Egypt.


also two Greek year?, one beginning about the spring equinox, and the
other about the autumn equinox; but he does not undertake to explain
how such an extremely inconvenient system came into use, or how
business could be conducted without express distinctions of the reckon-
ings adopted, of which there is no trace in any of our authorities.
Theocritus' poem in honour of Ptolemy Philadelphia serves as the basis
of a discussion by von Pratt of the historical circumstances alluded to
in it,15 in the course of which he refers to the interesting discovery
of an Egyptian inscription in which the death of Arsiaoe Philadelphus
(the date of which has been much disputed) is expressly stated to have
occurred in the month Pachon in the year 271-0 b.c.

Coming to the Eoman period. Dr. Mitteis has produced a second long
article on the Berlin papyri, with special reference to their juristic
aspect.10 A rescript of_the triumvir Marcus Antonius. originally published
in 1892 by the present writer, is discussed in two articles by Brandis 17
and Thomas,13 the former assigning it, with some probability, to the year
33-32 b.c. rather than 41 b.c. The list of the prelects of Egypt,
compiled last year by Dr. P. Meyer (No. 14 in last year's Report), is the
subject of articles by A. Stein 18 and by Meyer himself ~°; while the latter
also contributes noteson the legitimization by Sever us of the marriage
of soldiers (though their wives were still not nominally recognized as
such, but passed uuder the name of focariie, or housekeepers), and
on the lists of prefecti montis Berenicidis, and of the legates of Arabia
from the formation of the office in a.d. 110. The prefect of the Mons,
Berenicis appears in the inscription from Coptos published last year by
Mr. Hogarth (Xo. 18 iu last year's Report) ; and this inscription is again
discussed in an article by M. Rostowzew." Finally, Dr. Krebs has
compiled a list of deities and festivals with which recently discovered
papyri and inscriptions have made us acquainted.-3

Last year we mentioned a catalogue of the extant literary papyri
which had been prepared by M. Couvreux. A fuller list of the same
kind, giving references not only to the place of first publication, but
also to the subsequent literature dealing with each item, has been pub-
lished during the past year by Dr. Haeberlin."4 It needs revision in
some details (most of which could not have been known to Dr. Haeberlin),
and may be criticized as including several documents which can hardly
be classed as literary; but it is a very useful record, the compilation of
which must have cost much time and trouble, and it is only to be
regretted that it is not issued in some more convenient form than in
instalments scattered through several numbers of a periodical.
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