Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1898-1899

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


The great archaeological wealth of Egypt, and the rapidity with which its
treasures are now being exploited, has led the German Government to
determine on appointing an Egyptologist in connexion with the consulate,
to watch over the interests of German archaeologists and scientific institu-
tions in the country. Herr Ludwig Borchardt is the first to fill this post,
and the vacancy in the staff on the Gizeh Catalogue created by his removal
will be filled by Dr. Heinrich Schafer, assistant to Professor Erman in
the Berlin Museum.

The following report as to the progress made with the Catalogue of
the antiquities at the Gizeh Museum has been kindly supplied by
Mr. J. E. Quibell.

" This work was rendered possible by a grant from the Caisse de la
Dette. As originally designed, it should have been finished in three years,
but the number of objects in the Museum is so much greater than was at
first believed, that an extension of time will be necessary if the work is to
be completed on the present scale*

" The catalogue will form a bulky work of perhaps forty volumes ; it will
have to be lithographed, as the great number of sketches to be inserted
would make printing too expensive. Beside the main inventory three slip
catalogues are being constructed :

" (1) Catalogue of places, showing at a glance all the objects known to
have come from the several sites.

" (2) Catalogue of names of persons, arranged alphabetically.

" (3) Catalogue of objects dated with certainty, arranged in order of
dynasties and reigns.

" Indices of previously existing catalogues and of references to Egypto-
logical literature are also being prepared.

" The organization and plan of the work are due to Herr Borchardt, who
was engaged on the cataloguing of the statues for nearly a year before he
was joined by any of his colleagues." *

" About 10,000 numbers, out of perhaps 50,000, have been done. Herr
Borchardt has described the statues and the Old Kingdom monuments
and is now working on architectural models. Herr Beisner has catalogued
the boats and canopic vases and most of the amulets. Mr. Crum has dealt
with the Coptic monuments, M. Chassinat with the sarcophagi of the two

* " We have now to regret Herr Borchardt's departure from the cataloguing staff,
but to congratulate him on his appointment as scientitic attache to the German Con-
sulate General.''

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